Andrew Yang Debate Surprise

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Can you guess what Andrew Yang’s debate surprise is going to be? (update: it’s money)

Will it live up to the hype?


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Update 7:15am CT: Andrew Yang’s big surprise broke just prior to the debate, with news he would give a year-long Freedom Dividend to 10 people.

In his opening statement, Yang said he plans to debut a pilot version of his universal basic income plan. Yang will choose 10 families to receive $1,000 per month. Starting with $120,000 over 12 months, Yang wants to show voters how his universal basic income plan will help struggling families.

He opened the debate asking viewers to tell his campaign why they should receive the income plan.

“If you believe that you can solve your problems better than any politician, go to and tell us how $1,000 a month will help you do just that.”

The original article appears below. 

One day before the third Democratic debate, Andrew Yang’s campaign manager gave the Yang Gang a golden nugget.

Zach Graumann told the Daily Beast that presidential hopeful Andrew Yang will be doing “something no presidential candidate has ever done before in history.”

The Daily Beast’s Sam Stein said the campaign manager refused to give any further details in a tweet.

Now, the Yang Gang is uniting under #YangDebateSurprise.

While Twitter is guessing what the stand-out candidate will do tonight, Yang dropped some possibilities, tweeting “two words for the debate stage tomorrow night: Gold chain.”

And another, “for those wondering I will be crowdsurfing in sandals at Thursday’s debate.” Yang recently crowdsurfed at a rally.

Yang hyped up his gang hours before the debate on Thursday. But looking back at his previous debate, Yang had one of the fewest words spoken, according to FiveThirtyEight. Yang spoke 1,710 word as compared to frontrunner Joe Biden, who had 3,819 words.

Still, many wondered what Yang is going to do to stand out from the pack.

Now, someone wants to start a contest over it.

Isaac Saul is offering a free lifetime Tangle subscription to whoever guesses Yang’s next move.

With only hours before the 10 candidates face off in Houston, it’s no surprise Twitter’s eyes are on Yang.


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