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This is the world’s largest SSD, and you can buy it for $10,300

A tiny black box that holds over 15 terabytes of data.


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Once you use an SSD it’s hard to go back. Programs load faster, the drives themselves last longer, and there’s no moving parts to wear down. Sadly those perks come with a heftier price tag than their standard HDD brethren, and if you want top of the line you’re going to pay extra for it. Still we were remarkably pleased to find out that the world’s largest SSD is finally shipping, and for the low low price of just $10,000. Yes. $10,000; start saving now.


At 15.36 terabytyes, the Samsung PM1633a SSD is the largest solid state drive in the world, costing just a few thousand dollars less than a brand new Chevy Spark. While $10,000 is admittedly a lot of money, it is worth noting that the PM1633a is officially the largest single hard drive ever made. The previous record was held by a 10tb Seagate drive, which is now presumably hiding under some covers at home in shame.

Primarily designed for enterprise IT administrators, the drive offers up to 1,000 times the performance of 15K RPM hard drives, and features an optimized SAS 3.0 controller that gives the drive 12 Gb/s of bandwidth. While the $10,000 price tag feels rough, remember that adds up to just $0.65 per gigabyte, so you’re just throwing away money not considering it.

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