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This see-through suitcase might be the worst travel accessory ever invented

For $560 you too can allow your neighbor to see your underwear.


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Flying is simultaneously one of the most wondrous experiences possible and a giant inconvenience if you have to do it more than once a year. In theory, a clear suitcase might make traveling easier, after all if TSA can see into your bag they won’t need to tag you for extra security right? That’s the idea behind the Vis-a-Vis suitcase, a completely clear polycarbonate shell travel companion that aims to be the “security backpack” of international flight.

Made by the folks at Crumpler, the Vis-a-Vis suitcase is made of durable materials, and features a patent pending clothing compression system that keeps your items snug while your fly. It also features one of the most intense 1984-like ad slogans of all time, “you have nothing to fear if you have nothing to hide.” Look Crumpler, you don’t have to be a drug mule to not want the guy flying next to you to see your week-old underwear on a return flight. That’s just decency, not fear.

The case comes with a lifetime warranty, but be aware, it doesn’t cover things like scratches, dents, scuffs, and airline abuses. Those are considered the cost of doing business. Of course those little signs of wear add character to your case, but with a $560 price tag, maybe you’d rather invest in less expensive character-building experiment. You can order the Vis-a-Vis from Crumpler right now, just be sure you start packing your unmentionables in layers.

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