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Walmart is suing Tesla over fires at stores with solar panels

The retail giant says millions in damages were caused by fires at seven stores.


Mikael Thalen


Walmart has filed suit against Tesla over claims that the tech company’s solar panels caught fire on top of several of the retail giant’s stores.

According to the recent court filing, Walmart says Tesla’s panels burst into flames on the roof of seven separate locations.

Accusing Tesla of breaching its contract as well as gross negligence and failure to live up to industry standards, Walmart is now demanding that the clean energy company both remove their panels from 240 stores and pay damages for the fires as well.

“As of November 2018, no fewer than seven Walmart stores had experienced fires due to Tesla’s solar systems–including the four fires described above and three others that had occurred earlier,” the court filing states.

Walmart also accused Tesla of using solar panel inspectors “who lacked basic solar training and knowledge.” Those inspectors are alleged to have not only made improper installations but to have used defective parts while doing so.

After news of the lawsuit broke Tuesday, Tesla’s stocks dropped by more than 1 percent, according to CNBC.

The suit came just two days after Tesla CEO Elon Musk revealed on Twitter Sunday that the company would soon begin allowing customers to rent solar panels as opposed to purchasing them. Despite Tesla’s best efforts to become a profitable solar company, however, sales for their panels have dropped significantly in recent quarters.


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