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Uber driver goes down a flight of stairs because his app told him to

It was pinned for nearly 2 hours.


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Sometimes it’s better to follow your gut than your gadget. That was the case in San Francisco on Monday when an Uber driver tried to drive his sedan down a flight of stairs because his app told him to. After driving on a pedestrian walkway, the vehicle made its way toward the steps where it got stuck nose-down for nearly two hours, Business Insider reports.

Photos from the bizarre incident have been circulating across social media, where people are still trying to piece together how this might have happened.



As you can see, the white Toyota Camry was attempting to drive down the stairs but got its back tire stuck on the top platform. The car could only be removed after a tow truck was called in by customers at a nearby Safeway. But even that proved difficult. The winch from the truck reportedly snapped, sending the car barreling toward a trash can.

Incredibly, this is not the first attempt at this misguided stunt. In 2014, a cab driver got his Toyota stuck going down those same steps.

While this may seem like human error (this was not a self-driving Uber) at first glance, the driver, who has worked for the ride-hailing company for about a year, said he was simply following the directions on his Uber app. He urged Safeway to make changes to its parking lot and vowed never to drive in the area again.

Fortunately, everyone in the vehicle was safe, including two Uber passengers in the back seat.

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