Is Donald Trump trustworthy?

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Most Americans no longer think Trump keeps his promises

Trust in Trump’s word is falling fast.


Andrew Couts


A majority of Americans no longer believe President Donald Trump keeps his promises, according to a new poll.

Gallup’s latest poll on how Americans view the 45th president, published on Monday, shows an overall decline in what they think of Trump’s primary attributes, including his general trustworthiness, his ability to bring about positive change in the United States, and his strength as a leader.

The belief that Trump keeps his promises saw the steepest drop, falling from 62 percent at the beginning of February to 45 percent in early April, a loss of 17 percentage points. The dropping sentiment on Trump’s ability to keep his word came from all sectors of the electorate: a 21-point drop among Democrats, a 16-point drop among independents, and an 11-point drop among Republicans. The loss in confidence was particularly pronounced among voters ages 18 to 34 (22 percentage points), but the highest among women, with 25 percent fewer female voters saying they don’t believe the president upholds his promises.

The view that Trump is a “strong and decisive leader” also fell, from 59 to 52 percent, and the expectation that he can deliver the “changes this country needs” dipped to 46 percent from 53 percent.

Gallup Trump Poll April 5 to 9

The first 88 days of Trump’s presidency have seen a string of controversies without any major legislative victories, capped off by Republican lawmakers’ failure to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act. As a result, the president’s approval rating remains stuck at about 42 percent, on average, a historically low mark for a president this early in his first term.

As for keeping his promises, Trump’s record is divided, according to an ongoing Washington Post tally, with five promises kept, five broken, and hundreds more that remain unaddressed.

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