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The Trump-Cohen tapes are damning to everyone—except the president’s biggest fans

Trump is infallible in their eyes.


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Late last night, CNN obtained one of the reported recordings of President Donald Trump and his lawyer, Michael Cohen, during the run-up to the 2016 election. In the audio, they discuss a possible payoff to a woman who Trump had an affair with.


The two men talk about purchasing the rights to Karen McDougal’s story from the National Enquirer, who had previously bought it, most likely to keep the story from being published to help Trump.

The recording was provided to CNN by Cohen’s lawyer, Lanny Davis. While the tape is open for interpretation, it seems fairly clear that Trump was aware of the idea of a payment being made to woman to keep silent about their affair, which could wind up being a violation of campaign finance laws.

This morning, Trump tweeted about the news, saying it was unfairly edited.

But the president doesn’t need to defend himself on this one, because, when the story broke last night, his most ardent supporters weren’t baffled or shocked by it. They loved it.

Because one of the reasons Trump is so popular with his young, male fanbase on Reddit’s The_Donald is because he has affairs like this.


And doesn’t care.

trump cohen tapes cnn

The left-wing hysteria over it was also dismissed with memes.


His supporters really took a shine to a moment in the tape when Trump, while discussing the payment with Cohen, nonchalantly wanted a Coke (at the 2:30 mark here).

trump cohen tapes

They thought the whole interaction spoke volumes about his character.

trump coke cohen tapes

And they rushed to help out their God-Emperor with his request.

reddit coke trump cohen tapes
reddit trump cohen coke tapes

The subreddit also went after CNN, their favorite target. The news network was accused of timing the story to damage Trump.

cnn trump cohen tapes

CNN is probably had those tapes for a little while now and decided to release last night ahead of the European trade talks today in an attempt to embarrass our president and weaken him in front of world leaders, this is a straight-up Jim Acosta reeeee move, fuck CNN

Yet, despite that claim, some also argued the release of the tapes was possibly orchestrated by the chess master himself, Trump.

cnn trump tapes cohen

“Queue the mania machine. They’ve got nothing. There is nothing. Before he was the president, he was Batman IRL, and banged Hollyweird and Vegas’ finest. Huge shocker. If this is what a leftist happening looks like, there’s no hope for them. In other news, our side proved the Mueller probe was a lie, gutted security clearances for some deep state rats, and took down a Hollywood sex trafficking cult. Pretty good day TBH.”

Whether CNN’s Jim Acosta released the tapes to damage Trump or Trump allowed the tapes to be released to somehow damage the left seems mutually exclusive, but in the bizarre world of r/The_Donald, nothing ever matters except that their president is infallible.

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