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CPAC attendee warns of kids chugging pills at so-called ‘Skittles parties’

They probably aren’t a thing.


David Covucci


Yesterday, at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), where the brightest minds in conservatism join together, speakers spent the day warning that liberalism would result in the elimination of hamburgers.

Today, the fear-mongering continued, with reporter Sara Carter, of Release the Memo fame, warning that kids are throwing Skittles parties.

Unfortunately, this is not a party where everyone gets served some delicious Skittles, as delightful as that would be, but another conservative bugaboo about the state of America today.

“Our kids are having parties, they call them ‘Skittles parties,’” Carter said, “where they bring pills and put them into bowls and everybody picks a pill that they want and takes them. I mean, it’s kind of shocking when I heard about this, randomly taking pills.”

Kids do dumb things, and sure, it’s plausible that this has happened among a group of dumb friends, but the idea that swathes of American children are tossing all their pills in a bowl and guzzling random handfuls ranks up there with the mythological bracelet parties, where children supposedly wore color-coded bracelets that let their friends know what sex acts they were willing to perform.

They’re urban legends that, regardless of how implausible they sound, are signposts with conservatives of how much this great nation has devolved.

Kids! Doing drugs! Indiscriminately!






There are still two more days left of CPAC.


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