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The Internet hilariously mourns Twitter’s planned changes with #RIPTwitter

At least they’re being funny about it.


Gabe Bergado


People aren’t too thrilled about changes coming to Twitter

BuzzFeed News reported Friday evening that the “company is planning to introduce an algorithmic timeline as soon as next week.” That means tweets will be reordered so that whatever content the algorithm thinks is most interesting to you will be placed at the top of your feed as opposed to in chronological order. It’s also unknown if this will be an overhaul for everybody or an elected choice. Either way, the update sounds a lot like a website called Facebook dot com—heard of it?

Soon, the Internet broke out #RIPTwitter, with people mourning this huge change. Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey addressed the hashtag and it looks like the change is not happening next week.

Still, people are having fun with #RIPTwitter, mostly addressing that this change is largely unwanted or comparing it to other social media networks.

It’s unclear when we might be saying goodbye to the Twitter we know and love, but thank goodness people can turn this into an opportunity to create some fire tweets. 
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