Panasonic created a coat hanger that kills your clothes’ nasty smells

Panasonic invented a gadget that will take the funky smell out of your garments. First spotted by Engadget, the “Deodorizing Hanger” is a coat hangar that makes your filthy clothes smell clean.

All you need to do is find the strength to individually hang your clothes, and the deodorizing coat hanger will do the rest. The strange device has two modes that take five to seven hours to extract the musk out of your attire. While it won’t clean or get rid of stains, it will kill off certain smells and even eliminate pollen, which could be useful for anyone who suffers from allergies.

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This bizarre device uses negatively charged atomized particles called “nanoe X” to purify air and reduce odors. The nanoe X are tiny water particles (one billionth the size of steam particles) that were created by adding high voltage to water from moisture in the air. The idea is to purify air by using water’s tendency to dissolve odor-causing substances. Panasonic claims the X has three main benefits: neutralizing pollen across Japan, inhibiting allergens, and dissolving five frequently encountered odors (smoke, sweat, damp smell, pets, and BBQ).


The coat hanger, which requires a power supply and propriety cable, appears to only be available in Japan. It will cost 20,000 yen, or about $180—a bit more than a can of spray deodorant.

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Phillip Tracy

Phillip Tracy

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