Web app shows you the loneliest Instagram photos

No hearts for you.


Eric Geller


Published Sep 12, 2014   Updated May 30, 2021, 2:38 pm CDT

Some people have great Instagram game, while others post photos that languish, unloved, in the media-saturated ether. Inspired by these underappreciated posts, a developer and two art directors launched a new Web app to highlight some of Instagram’s overlooked content.

No Likes Yet, created by developer Tim Hettler and art directors Daniel Sumarna and Tal Midyan, invites users to “discover all the photos on Instagram with no likes yet.” Once you’ve authenticated with your Instagram account, you can view unliked photos from the world, your friends, or your own feed. You can also look up a specific user to see all of his or her unloved posts.

“The main reason we’ve built No Likes Yet is curiosity,” Sumarna told the Daily Dot. “We were just really curious to see how many photos with no likes are out there and how they would look like, and we couldn’t really tell until we made this website. We decided to give it a positive spin and call it No Likes Yet.”

Hovering over individual posts on the site brings up an orange heart-shaped overlay with messages like “Not all instagrams are perfect,” “Nobody will know you liked this,” “Help this poor photo,” and “Could this be like at first site?”

“Some of the photos on the website are definitely there for a reason, but some might deserve a second chance,” Sumarna said, “which is also the reason why we sprinkled encouraging copy throughout the website.”

The overlooked shots that popped up first for us on the “World” tab ranged from selfies to pictures of empty libraries to the obligatory food shot. (Note: At press time, the photos in this post did have zero likes. The Daily Dot encourages its readers to spread the like-love, even if it messes with the content of this article.)

In order to populate the global feed, the team said, the site pulls in “photos from over 500 locations all over the world to get the most internationally diverse content.”

The website “brings you all the photos that never got a single like and invites you to explore the dark side of Instagram,” Sumarna, Hettler, and Midyan write on their site. “Will they ever get their first like, or are they doomed to be on this website forever?”

Asked about their own levels of Instagram success, Sumarna said it was a mixed bag: “Tal actually got rid of all his unliked photos right after the launch, [I am] getting close, and Tim could use some extra help.”

Image via No Likes Yet 

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*First Published: Sep 12, 2014, 5:22 pm CDT