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Americans continue to hate cable more than any other industry

The biggest offenders are Time Warner Cable, Comcast, and Charter Communications.


Patrick Howell O'Neill


Cable is the most hated industry in the United States—and by a pretty wide margin, too. The cable companies beat out banks, health insurance companies, casinos, and gas companies to once again claim the lion’s share of Americans’ animosity.

This unsurprising finding comes from a new YouGov survey of 9,000 individuals. YouGov asked “Are you a satisfied customer?” for 43 industries. Wireless providers received a score of 21.2 and cable received a score of 13.2 out of 100.

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Three companies in particular pulled the industry’s ratings down: Time Warner Cable, Comcast, and Charter Communications received negative scores, reports the Huffington Post. All the other companies in the cable industry had positive results.

Representatives from Comcast and Time Warner Cable—which are currently trying to merge in a $45 billion megadeal—told the Huffington Post that they were investing “billions of dollars” into improving customer experiences in various ways. They have been peddling that line for years, as survey afte survey places them at or near the top of most-hated-company lists.

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