Internet shocked by missing Titanic sub


‘DEEPLY unserious’: Internet mercilessly roasts missing Titanic submersible after finding out it’s steered by video game controller 

'Those people willingly paid to get into a metal coffin steered by a video game controller...'


Mikael Thalen


Posted on Jun 20, 2023   Updated on Jun 21, 2023, 12:47 pm CDT

Users across the internet are expressing shock after seeing for the first time the insides of the Titan, the submersible vessel that recently went missing while on a mission to visit the wreckage of the Titanic.

On Sunday evening, the deep-sea craft was reported overdue, sparking a search-and-rescue mission roughly 435 miles south of St. John’s, Newfoundland.

The submersible was carrying “a renowned British adventurer, two members of an iconic Pakistani business family, and a Titanic expert,” according to the Associated Press.

As attention on the missing expedition gained worldwide attention, users on social media discovered an old TV interview detailing the craft’s features. Needless to say, many felt the developers of the submersible were “DEEPLY unserious.”

“Y’all please watch this,” one Twitter user wrote.” It’s a CBS story that aired a while back about that submarine that is now missing. The creators of that missing submarine are DEEPLY unserious.”

The footage of the craft, which is described as having the same amount of room inside as a minivan, only includes one button and is controlled entirely by a video game controller.

The details of the submersible proved too much to handle for users online, who were quick to point out many of the story’s outlandish-sounding aspects.

“I have been awake for two hours and have been informed a bunch of rich idiots in a homemade submarine with bolted panels instead of doors, no safety cable to the mothership and steered by a logitech videogame controller have gone missing in the ocean trying to see the Titanic,” one user wrote.

Others fixated on the submersible’s hardware, specifically, the video game controller used to control it.

“The Titanic tourist submarine that went missing was controlled by a Logitech gaming controller,” another user tweeted.

Some attempted to blame Elon Musk for the disappearance given that the vessel used Starlink satellites to connect to the internet.

“Ultimately, I do not know what exactly caused the Titanic submarine to disappear or fail,” one user added. “But what I do know is that only an Elon Musk company could manifest PR this bad.”

Recent news regarding Orca whales purposely attacking ships was also tied into the story. In countless memes, users suggested that the sea creatures may be responsible for the submersible’s disappearance.

Others attempted to defend them.

“The orcas, who have been attacking yachts for the last few weeks, would like to formally state we categorically deny having anything to do with the missing submarine of titanic-seeking billionaires,” another jokingly wrote.

The vessel is said to have had a 96-hour oxygen supply when it entered the water at around 6am on Sunday. While both the US Coast Guard and private groups are working to locate the submersible, no updates have been provided thus far on its fate.

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*First Published: Jun 20, 2023, 10:03 am CDT