Hologram Minecraft takes over your whole living room

Minecraft HoloLens

Dreams do come true.

At this point, Minecraft has been adapted onto just about every platform imaginable, except perhaps one that we didn’t even know existed. During the big reveal for its HoloLens-augmented reality headset, one use case in particular captured our imaginations for obvious reasons. 


As you can see in Microsoft‘s slickly produced HoloLens promo video, a guy is playing Minecraft with holograms right in his damn living room. And better yet, an experience similar to the one captured in the video (around the one-minute mark) is actually functional with the HoloLens headset already. 

At its press event, Microsoft showed working software demos that invited the player to dig holes and detonate holographic TNT in their surrounding partially virtual environment. It wasn’t a proper version of Minecraft per se, but seeing as how Microsoft owns the rights to the wildly popular title, we have to hope that a full HoloLens version of the world-building game is in the cards.

Screenshot via Microsoft

Taylor Hatmaker

Taylor Hatmaker

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