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Mike Pence says a Triple Crown-winning racehorse bit him

Mike Pence vs. American Pharoah: Choose your fighter.


Eilish O'Sullivan


American Pharoah, a young prodigy when he made his debut in the racing world at the crisp age of 2 and one of the only racehorses in history to be titled an American Triple Crown winner vs. Vice President Mike Pence, who can’t even dine alone with women. Pence didn’t really stand a chance against American Pharoah, who, Pence reportedly said bit him while he was visiting a Kentucky farm in 2018.

And it wasn’t just a love bite; the bite was apparently so intense that Pence nearly collapsed at the time, and it left a permanent mark, thus initiating American Pharoah into the resistance. “I just gritted my teeth and smiled,” Pence reportedly said to a group of House Republicans at a policy retreat on Friday. “Because you know what, in our line of work, you’re gonna get bit sometimes, but you keep fighting forward.”

The manager of the farm, who was there at the time, denied the claims on Friday. “If he gave someone a nasty bite, I’d know it,” manager Dermot Ryan, who describes American Pharoah as “sweet,” told the McClatchy news group.

Upon learning of the news, people began praising American Pharoah. One Twitter user demanded that we give American Pharoah a fourth crown, while another suggested his next award be the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

“It would appear that American Pharoah biting Mike Pence is going to be the most feel-good story of the day,” Twitter user @LaurenBaratzL wrote.



It’s unknown if the move was retaliatory, but Pence said at the time that he ate some of the horse feed while at the farm. “I did go ahead and take a little nibble of it,” Pence said to a crowd. “I think that increases the likelihood that the next winner of the Kentucky Derby and I had the same thing for dinner.”


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