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‘Great leaders recognize Great Leadership’: Trump fans fawn over fake TikTok of Kim Jong Un bashing Biden

Trump supporters are praising the North Korean dictator.


Mikael Thalen


A video of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un blaming President Joe Biden for the ongoing conflict between Israel and Palestine has exploded online. But is it actually real? No.

The footage, which has gone viral on TikTok, shows the dictator giving a speech that, according to subtitles, centers around Biden’s culpability in the overseas bloodshed.

“Under the Biden administration, conflicts erupt yearly,” the subtitles state. “This year a war begins between Israel and Palestine, last year a war between Russia and Ukraine, and billions worth of military equipment left to the Taliban.”

The subtitles go on to state that Biden is likely to cause a new world war before Kim allegedly provides an endorsement to former President Donald Trump.

“I’m afraid that if the Biden admin does not cease to exist in the next election, World War 3 may begin,” the subtitles add. “Who knows what next year’s war will be. I support Donald Trump for President in 2024. Good Luck to Mr. Trump.”

Viewed over 108,000 times in one post alone, the clip was immediately praised by Trump supporters who expressed their agreement with the dictator’s alleged message.

“Great leaders recognize Great Leadership,” one commenter said.

Others expressed shock over the fact that Trump supporters would openly support Kim.

“It’s fucking NK. Have we lost our minds?” a TikToker replied. “I hope the comments I’m seeing are just trying to get a reaction whether the translation is right or not.”

Yet only a handful of commenters appeared to question the translation’s authenticity.

“What is he really saying?” another asked. “I need a translator.”

It turns out a simple search shows that the captions are fake and that the actual video was filmed more than three years ago.

The original footage and translation involved Kim celebrating the 75th anniversary of the Korean Workers’ Party. At no point during his discussion is Biden, Trump, or any conflict between Israel and Palestine mentioned.

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