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Joe Biden’s eye may have exploded on national TV

It’s pretty red.


David Covucci


Wednesday’s climate change-focused forum hosted by CNN was a welcome chance for candidates to get away from the scandal, gaffe, and drama driven news cycle of the election and explain real policy platforms and solutions for one of America’s most pressing issues.

It certainly was likely a welcome pivot for frontrunner Joe Biden, who has recently faced charges about his fitness for office, in the wake of several slip-ups and mistold stories.

Biden has attempted to lead on climate change, dropping a massive plan earlier this year to shrink carbon emissions by 2050 (that may have been plagiarized, but oh well), and talk about an issue he cares about and plans to lead on—oh no his eye exploded.

It could mean nothing for the 76-year-old. It’s happened to many a person much younger.

But it sure won’t quell concerns about his fitness for office, especially when his team, moments before it happened, dropped a tweet about not turning a blind eye to climate change.

Talk about impressive timing.


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