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Joe Biden teases 2020 presidential run

#Biden2020 is now more than just a meme.


Andrew Couts


The boiling carcass of the 2016 presidential election has not yet cooled, but Joe Biden has shifted his gaze to 2020, perched on a distant horizon.

The vice president on Monday floated the possibility of a presidential run after CNN “jokingly” asked.

“Yeah, I am. I’m going to run in 2020,” Biden responded. CNN asked what position he planned to pursue. “For president,” he said. “What the hell, man?”

Biden, who is 74 years old, qualified later in the exchange that he is “not committing not to run. I’m not committing to anything. I learned a long time ago fate has a strange way of intervening.”

That was enough for some Twitter users to launch snarky celebration.

Between now and Biden 2020 sits the presidency of Donald Trump, who takes office on Jan. 20, 2017. The good news for Biden fans is, four years leaves a lot of time for making memes

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