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If this guy’s vine reaches 1 million views, he’ll get a Jeb Bush neck tattoo

MacBook Pro, baby.


Audra Schroeder


On Friday, Vic Berger issued a stunning declaration: If this vine got 1 million loops by the end of the weekend, he’d get a Jeb Bush tattoo.

Berger, a video editor and director for the likes of Neil Hamburger and Tim & Eric, is no stranger to looping and chopping Republicans. His “short version” collection of Bush, Donald Trump, and Rick Perry‘s presidential announcements is a masterpiece. 

But there’s something so pure about Bush’s love for technology. It’s almost like you can’t stop watching it over and over.

Yesterday, he started drafting tattoo ideas, and came up with some very tasteful options. 

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As of Sunday afternoon, he’s sitting at more than 450,000 views. He just got a signal boost from Jeb himself, and his communications director. 

People have also started remixing the video as we all bite our nails and watch the views creep up. Will you do your part

We’ve reached out to Berger and will update with comment if and when he responds. 

Update 5:36pm CT, July 26: Berger says he’s been “contacted by Jeb’s digital content director and he wants to film me getting the tattoo. I’m super nervous about needles, so we’ll see. Didn’t think there’d be any chance of it hitting a million.” 

As for the genesis of the idea, Berger had this to say: “Jeb has lots of these videos on YouTube where it’s him using Uber, putting on a hoodie, or doing things like talking about Apple. He calls them #JebNoFilter. It’s clearly pandering. They’re just trying to humanize the guy. It’s very embarrassing, but I find them so fascinating and funny. And I think that Jeb and his people sharing my dumb Vine and trying to help me reach my goal, it says a lot about him and where he is as far as being able to relate to the average American.” 

Update 8:54am CT, July 27: Berger now says he’ll get the tattoo whenever the vine hits 1 million.

Photo via Gage Skidmore/Flickr (CC BY SA 2.0)

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