Step aside, Tesla—Jaguar has the most beautiful electric car on the road


Jaguar just unveiled the fully electric E-Type Zero at its Tech Fest in London, and my goodness is it gorgeous.

Based on the ‘60s classic, the sleek E-Type Zero’s design is identical to the car Enzo Ferrari once called the “most beautiful car in the world.” But Jaguar outfitted its restored beast with an electric powertrain capable of 0 to 100 kilometers per hour (about 62 mph) in 5.5 seconds. That’s pretty quick by most standards, and 0.1 seconds faster than the expected 0 to 60 of the Tesla Model 3.

At 270 kilometers or about 170 miles, the Zero’s range is decent, but far from record breaking. Powering the electric classic is a 40kWh battery that charges in six to seven hours.

The only thing that could ruin this eye-catching and environmentally friendly beauty is if it was never released or cost an egregious sum of money. Sadly, the E-Type Zero is only a concept model, and we don’t know anything about pricing. But there’s still hope, Tim Hannig, chief of Jaguar Land Rover Classic told the Verge the company’s “aim with the E-type Zero is to future-proof classic car ownership. We’re looking forward to the reaction of our clients as we investigate bringing this concept to market.”

Just don’t hold your breath, even the standard E-types are hard to come by and cost more than $100,000.

H/T the Verge

Phillip Tracy

Phillip Tracy

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