Italy issues a nationwide ban on Uber

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Italy issues a nationwide ban on Uber

The company will be fined a hefty amount if it doesn’t comply.


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Uber has come across a lot of roadblocks lately.

Making matters even worse for the San Francisco-based company, an Italian court on Friday issued a nationwide ban on Uber, prohibiting it from advertising its services in the country. The court ruled that the company provided unfair competition and gave it 10 days to cease services in Italy.

The decision comes after an Italian court ruled for the fourth time in favor of the country’s major taxi associations, amid public frustrations and a 2015 legal battle. If the ride-hailing company fails to comply with the Italian court’s order, Uber could face up to fines of €10,000 ($10,590) each day until it removes services from the country.

Uber’s lawyers said they were “shocked” by the ban on the company’s services, and they said they plan to appeal the order since it was “based on a 25-year-old law”.

Similar sanctions have been seen across the U.S. in cities like Anchorage, East Hampton, New York, and Austin, Texas, where Uber fought to stay and lost.

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