Find the best flights available with this obscure travel-booking site

Plane at Night

Aleksander Markin

You don’t have to live in Terminal B forever.

If you find yourself camped out on the floor of an airport terminal as winter storm Juno barrels toward the Northeast, we’ve got one more tool for your travel toolkit. Yes, travel hacks are a dime a dozen, but one trick in particular has withstood the test of time while still managing to mostly fly under the radar.

Kayak and Hipmunk are great, but an assuming little site called Matrix Airfare Search might be the key to making it to your destination without losing your mind or baggage in the process. 

Matrix Airfare Search

Matrix Airfare Search, which is made by Google-owned ITA Software, combines some of the best features from popular air travel sites into one interface. The site isn’t as slick-looking as some of the websites that use its raw data, but its straightforward interface is powerful and allows for some useful tweaks. 

When you’re ready to escape the blizzard conditions altogether, you can even pull one of the ultimate pro-traveler tricks and change your destination (“sales city”) to score local prices on exotic getaways. If you survive this whole blizzard situation, let’s be honest: you’ve probably earned it. 

Photo via Aleksander Markin/Flickr (CC BY-2.0)

Taylor Hatmaker

Taylor Hatmaker

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