Online conspiracist baselessly ties Epstein doc release to Iowa school shooting


Claims Iowa school shooting was designed to distract from Epstein document release pushed to top of X

A conspiracy on top of a conspiracy.


Katherine Huggins


Posted on Jan 4, 2024

A shooting at Perry High School in Iowa is being baselessly accused of being a “false flag” to cover up and distract from recent revelations regarding Jeffrey Epstein.

And accounts pushing it are getting bumped to the top of search on X.

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Court filings related to Epstein’s sex trafficking case were unsealed Wednesday, renewing interest in a longstanding conspiracy that prominent Democrats and celebrities participated in an underage sex trafficking ring helmed by Epstein—a conspiracy that gained momentum after Epstein’s death while awaiting trial.

A Justice Department Inspector General report confirmed Epstein’s death by suicide, but that has done little to quell conspiracies that Epstein was killed as part of a cover-up.

And now, a high school shooting in the suburbs of Des Moines has been thrust into the midst of Epstein conspiracies.

Authorities secured the school after the shooting Thursday morning. At least one person was killed and multiple others were injured.

“Not even 24 hours after the Epstein court document was released we have multiple victims who were shot at Perry High School in Perry, Iowa. Make no mistake this is a false flag to distract the media from discussing anything in relation to Jeffrey Epstein and his clients,” one X user baselessly alleged. “As more names will be released in the coming days we expect more serious distractions and false flags. All assets have been deployed.”

That post, from a prominent QAnon conspiracy theorist, was being served to users at the very top of X when they clicked on the trending tag for “Perry High School.”

One self-described conservative user responded, writing: “Oh 100% this is so obvious, ALWAYS when something big happens they don’t want us to talk about. Disgusting.”

“school shooting just as the epstein list is being made public? we’ve seen this cycle done before” posted another person on X.

“I’m sure the school shooting happening barely 12 hours after the epstein file drop is simply a coincidence,” reads another post.

But one user presented an alternate theory: that the Epstein court document release was the planned distraction instead.

“The world is on the brink of war in multiple locations with millions of lives at stake,” the user wrote. “You think the timing of the release was unintentional?”

But while some bought into the completely baseless theory, others on social media quickly rejected it.

“Yes because the Epstein list had tons of clients from Perry, Iowa on board,” wrote one person sarcastically. “You’re a moron and hope karma gets to you.”

“Perfect example of the damage social media has done to peoples’ brains,” concluded another.

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*First Published: Jan 4, 2024, 11:11 am CST