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iOS 10 has a secret camera magnifier, and here’s how to access it

A few taps and you’ll be able to zoom in on anything.


Mike Wehner


The iPhone 7 launch has come and passed, but if you’re one of the dedicated headphone jack lovers who refused to graduate to the 7, you might be bummed that you didn’t get to enjoy a camera upgrade like all those pesky early adopters. You also probably didn’t realize that iOS 10 added a cool camera-centric feature that is actually super useful: a digital magnifier. 

Head into Settings > General > Accessibility and select “Magnifier.” Toggle the Magnifier on and then return to your home screen. 

Mike Wehner

Now, whenever you triple-click the home button you’ll access the magnifier, which is a handy tool for zooming in on anything you want. 

Mike Wehner

You can either check out whatever you’re zooming in on in realtime or click the capture button, hold the phone still, and let your device stabilize the scene so you can examine it much more closely. 

Mike Wehner

You can also modify the colors of the magnifier to make certain things more clear, or even invert the colors if you need to make bright scenes a bit easier on the eyes. 

Mike Wehner

It’s a pretty handy feature, so enjoy your newfound mobile microscope! 

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