'The Hill's 50 Most Beautiful' over cracked concrete

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The best and worst takes on the death of the Hill’s 50 Most Beautiful People list

It’s over.


David Covucci


Love it or hate it, if you had some tangential relationship to politics and/or Washington, D.C., when the Hill’s 50 Most Beautiful People list came out each summer, you clicked all the way through.

It’s been a flashpoint of controversy: alternatively praised for its ingenuity and decried as sexist and trivial. Either way, it’s dead.

The Hill announced today that it is over.

Naturally, some people said good riddance with good reason.

Some lamented having never made it, and now never getting the chance, like this especially good tweet from Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-Utah).

But then there’s this take from conservative commentator John Podhoretz, who was happy it was over, because… the babes weren’t hot enough for him.

Meeskite is Yiddish slang for an “ugly woman.” Podhoretz was apparently devastated that the people who make policy in this country don’t get him hot under the pants.

OK, dude.

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