grillo grill

Photo via formAxiom

The Grillo is the portable grill we never knew we needed.

Occasionally you’ll see a prototype so cool that it sort of breaks your heart to know you may never get to use it. For fans of grilling and camping we’d like to present a warning; the Grillo may never end up in your bag but you’ll probably want it in your life. 


Designed by Formaxiom, this portable, collapsible, barbecue is bittersweet to see. Bitter because it’s just a concept, but sweet for the promise of what it can do.


Utilizing metal mesh to hold your coals or wood, and a star of thin metal grating, the Grillo quickly sets up almost like an umbrella unfolds. Its minimalist design is beautiful and sleek, free of any obvious safety features because frankly if you need to know to be careful next to what is basically a fire hammock you’ve got deeper issues.

As of now, the Grillo is merely a design piece, being shown in museums, but we dream of a better day. A day when this ultra portable barbecue of hope is available to sling over our shoulders for a lovely day at the park or a camping weenie roast. Some art moves you, this art makes us want a hot dog. Pray that one day it will be a reality for all your cooking needs. 

H/T Design Boom 

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