This app for filtering unwanted sexts is too good to be real—for now

If you’re a lady and you’ve used any messaging platform on the Internet ever, you’ve probably wished for some sort of high-tech system that would recognize all the unsolicited dick pics and filter them from your inbox.

Luckily, the chat app Banter has heard your gripes and come up with the (sadly fictional) answer to your prayers. Here’s the video for G.R.A.P., Banter’s Genital Recognition Application Prototype that the app promises will make your Banter experience 99 percent wiener (and Anthony Wiener) free.

Warning: The video is a tad NSFW, in that it features various images of phallic-looking summer vegetables:

Banter, a free messaging app that launched at SXSW and allows you to connect with members and chat about shared interests, has a strict non-NSFW policy in its chatrooms, but users can exchange more sensitive content in private chatrooms.

Sadly, as of now, G.R.A.P. is naught but a flight of fancy, so you’ll still have to delete your unsolicited photos on various social media platforms the old-fashioned way.

Screengrab via Banter Chat/YouTube

EJ Dickson

EJ Dickson

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