New Google Maps feature could soon tell you where the best parking spots are

Google Maps will already help you find your way around and show you where to get gas or food while you’re on your way, but what if it could help you after you arrive at your destination and tell you where to park once you arrive? 

That could soon be the case, according to a report from Android Police. Their findings are based on a teardown of Google Maps in a pre-release version of Android V9.34.

In the Google Maps app that Android Police tested parking options are presented using three difficulty levels: easy, medium, and limited. We don’t know what exactly makes up the criteria. It could be based on user reports of when parking is particularly bad, the number of spaces available in a lot, or even the time of day. Regardless, getting a heads up on possible parking situations is far better than our current system of “hope and pray there’s a spot.”

While these features are present in the pre-release version of Google Maps tested by Android Police it’s important to remember that some features being tested in early versions are often removed before release. We might wake up the morning of the next Android release only to find Google Maps just helps us get to almost anywhere we could want to go. We’ll just have to wait and see.

H/T Android Police

John-Michael Bond

John-Michael Bond

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