Donald Trump Beside Misleading Fox News Tweet

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Fox News appears to cover up Trump’s golf outings in bizarre tweet

Trump’s golfing has become a hot-button topic—but this just made it worse.


Andrew Couts


Like many 70-something Americans, President Donald Trump spends much of his time golfing. But most people don’t have Fox News covering for them when their hitting the greens becomes something of a problem.

On Sunday evening, Fox News posted a strange tweet declaring that Trump was “spending weekend working at the White House.” In fact, Trump visited his nearby golf course twice over the weekend and had dinner at his Washington, D.C. hotel.

As New York points out, this tweet is strange for a number of reasons—it’s both wildly misleading and raises the question, why is the president working worthy of a news alert?

Whether Trump is golfing or not is of little significant importance, especially given the fact that he also conducts meetings during his outings—even if he attempts to sneak in a few holes, as he did on Saturday.

Regardless, during his Sunday trip to Trump National Golf Club in Virginia, the president reportedly had three meetings in under an hour.

For critics, Trump’s golfing has become a metaphor of his presidency, given his many seemingly hypocritical complaints about former President Obama’s golf outings and the fact that, besides a flurry of executive orders, Trump has accomplished little in his first few months in office. Now, we have Fox News, the president’s news channel of choice, tweeting out strange, misleading news alerts that appear to counter the golfing narrative, which has only amplified the relative non-issue to a greater degree of absurdity.

As they say, it’s not the scandal that sinks you, it’s the coverup.

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