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The final tally of damage done in the Ferguson riots

The best news, perhaps, was that there were zero fatalities.


Patrick Howell O'Neill


The sun is rising after the single worst night of rioting in Ferguson, Mo. since officer Darren Wilson shot and killed Michael Brown three months ago.

Yesterday, a St. Louis county grand jury decided against indicting Wilson, sparking immediate—and at times violent—outrage in the community. Here’s what we know of the final tally for Monday night’s unrest:

Police say over 80 arrests were made throughout the night, a number that has struck many as low considering the height of conflicts reached around midnight.

Some 25 businesses burned down including Walgreen’s, Little Caesar’s, O’Reilly Auto Parts, Auto By Credit, Beauty World, Sam’s Meat Market, Autozone, Public Storage, JC Wireless, and more.

Reporters, police, and protesters report hearing hundreds of shots fired. St. Louis County Police Chief Jon Belmar said he “personally heard about 150 shots fired” while Fox News reporters similarly reported hearing well over a hundred shots fired themselves. Journalists at a variety of other outlets including Vice, The Guardian, and more also reported sustained gunfire.

Two police cruisers were burned throughout the night.

Around 12 civilian vehicles were also destroyed—in just one parking lot.

Belmar said that police fired zero lethal bullets. It’s unclear how many rubber bullets and tear gas canisters were fired but, based on video and reports from the ground, the numbers appear to be in the hundreds.

There were 13 injuries and no fatalities on the night of violence.

Online, over 3.5 million tweets mentioning #Ferguson spread the news and conversation around the world.

Update 12pm ET, Nov. 25: The final police tally says that over 80 arrests were made, and 25 buildings burned as a result of the Ferguson riots. The story above has been updated to reflect these numbers.

Update 4:25pm ET, Nov. 25: At least one person died Monday night in the vicinity of the Ferguson, Mo., riots and within minutes of where Michael Brown was shot and killed in August. Details are sparse, but police have declared the death suspicious and are currently conducting an investigation.

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