Facebook really, really wants to know how you feel about messaging apps

Following news that Facebook will split its messaging app into its own service versus including it in the native Facebook app, it looks like the social network is doing some research on how we feel about chat apps. Facebook is prompting some users to take a survey about mobile messaging to see what we’re using or what we even just know about.

In the survey, Facebook first asks what messaging application comes to mind first, then asks you to select what messaging apps you’re aware of and then to rate them. The survey also asks, “What, if anything, keeps you from using Facebook’s Messenger application as your primary mobile messaging application?”


The social networking site’s $19 billion acquisition of WhatsApp made it obvious that Facebook wants to dominate this space, and this survey only reinforces that Facebook is serious about being your epicenter for mobile communication.

And it’s well-poised to become that—but there are still challenges ahead of Facebook, and we’re not about to entirely give up on old-fashioned SMS in favor of Messenger quite yet. 

H/T ValueWalk Photo via Jhaymesisviphotography/Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

Joanie Ferguson

Joanie Ferguson

Joanie Ferguson is a reporter whose work focuses on technology and Silicon Valley. She's also written about social media and digital marketing for P97.