‘Face With Tears of Joy’ is the most popular iPhone emoji

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Apple released a chart showing the most popular iPhone emoji, and “Face With Tears of Joy” took the crown.

That news shouldn’t come as a surprise. The laughing/crying face is the perfect symbol to illustrate your emotional extremes, from unfiltered happiness to bitter sadness. For example, you might use it when you remember it’s Friday or ironically once you discover it’s actually Thursday.

That flexibility seems to resonate with iPhone users, as the emoji is destroying its fellow icons. Rounding out the top five are the heart, crying, heart-shaped eyes, and blowing a kiss.

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The statistics were first uncovered by MacRumors, which found them tucked away in privacy documents Apple recently published. Face With Tears of Joy is taking home its second gold medal, having already handily defeated its rivals on Twitter, according to Emoji Tracker.

Oh hey, look at that, it’s Friday: [insert: Face With Tears of Joy].

Phillip Tracy

Phillip Tracy

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