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This website reveals the exorbitant price of an emoji domain

Sorry, pizza is already taken.


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If you want your website to be successful, you’ll need a URL that stands out and is easy to remember. Fortunately, we know just the place to get one: [grinning face with smiling eyes].to

Yes, that web address is “grinning face with smiling eyes emoji.to,” or http://xn--f28h.to/. Feel free to give it a go: Copy the emoji either from above or this handy emojipedia site, paste it into your address bar, and use the top-level domain (TLD) of [grinning face with smiling eyes].to.

This will take you to a magical website that shows the price of all available single emoji domain names grouped by category—food, activity, objects, places, etc.

At the top of the site are premium emoji domains, the most expensive of the bunch. The [smiling face with smart eyes].to, for example, is rightfully being sold for $10,000, as is the equally uplifting [smiling face with smiling eyes].to domain. Other costly emoji domains include [waving hand].to ($8,900) and [raised hands].to ($5,000).

The domains end in .to because few TLDs support emoji, which means you can’t buy an emoji domain with .com or .co. The two most common that do support emoji are .to, the TDL for the tiny Polynesian island of Tongo, and .ws, the country code for Western Samoa.

Marc Köhlbrugge, the founder of [grinning face with smiling eyes].to, told the Next Web that he will add available emoji domains once more TDLs allow for it. He chose to only feature .to because nearly all .ws single emoji domains are already taken, leaving only multiple emoji domain names like [penguin][pizza].ws. Clearly, that’s still a great domain name, so if you’re interested, you can use GoDaddy’s convenient emoji search engine tool to look for domain names with multiple emoji. Interestingly, Coca-Cola owned a bunch of the coveted single-emoji .ws domains in 2015 and used the Web addresses in an ad campaign in Puerto Rico.

But not all emoji domains cost an arm and a leg. Most of the non-premium emoji available on Köhlbrugge’s site cost $45 a year, including gems like squid and shortcake. Before you look, we’ll break it to you: pizza, beer, and bacon are already taken.

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