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Donald Trump goes on Easter morning Twitter rant, questioning protesters who want his taxes released

This comes a day after the Tax Day protests.


Josh Katzowitz


The day after U.S. tax day (but still two days before taxes are actually due to the IRS), President Donald Trump had a couple of questions for his Twitter followers on Sunday morning. The main subject: Why do people still care about the fact he never followed through on his promise to release his taxes?

Yes, people are still upset about his refusal to release his taxes, and on Saturday, many across the country marched in protest. As ABC News points out, thousands of citizens from Los Angeles to New York demanded that he be transparent with his financial history.

There was also a violent clash Saturday in Berkeley, California, in which pro-Trump supporters planned a “Patriot Day” rally but were met by ant-Trump protesters. At least a dozen people were reportedly arrested.

Trump on Sunday also tweeted his thoughts about China—the country he had previously called a currency manipulator—and U.S. military strength.

Oh, and in case you thought he forgot Sunday was one of the most important religious holidays of the year…

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