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Dashcam video captures terrifying attempted carjacking

Warning: This is intense.


Austin Powell


A man who narrowly avoided a carjacking has uploaded the dashcam footage from his terrifying encounter, and it plays out like a five-minute, low-budget thriller. 

The video picks up right after the driver had finished dropping off a friend in Albuquerque, New Mexico, late Tuesday night, according to the YouTube summary. The driver said he planned to head to a Carl’s Jr., but he’s quickly diverted: You can see a red Chrysler 300 follow the driver out of the parking lot, and it quickly intensifies from there. The Chrysler cuts off the driver at two different intersections, and at one point throws something at the vehicle.  

Eventually, the driver, while on the phone with 911, happens upon a police vehicle at a stop light, and a separate high-speed chase ensues. 

Ultimately, the police were unable to confirm the license plate from the video, which means officers won’t be able to pursue the matter further. But they apparently commended the driver for not stopping and engaging with the assailants. 

The driver wrote on YouTube, “Im just glad I was able to go home safe and sound.” 

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