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‘Who the f*ck broke into his house and rented it?’: Woman finding her dad’s home on Airbnb—despite him never listing it

'It's kind of opened up a much bigger black hole than I originally anticipated.'


Mikael Thalen


Posted on Feb 27, 2023

A TikTok user claimed in a shocking video that her father’s home in California was broken into and rented out on Airbnb.

In a video posted to the platform late last week, a TikToker known as Erica explained how the home was being advertised online despite being empty for the past two years.

“Y’all I am so flabbergasted by the series of events that just went on,” Erica said. “I’m at work and I was just informed by my dad’s HOA that his house was found on Airbnb and that it is a violation against their HOA bylaws.”

@sillysloth66 #greenscreen excuse me what the fuck? Im waiting to hear back from the realtor if we need to call the cops #orangecounty #airbnbfinds #airbnbexperience #breaking #squatters #socal #fyp #fy #alisoviejo #wtf #realtor #airbnb #airbnbhost #airbnbtips ♬ original sound – Erica

Erica went on to further explain how her father’s house has actually been empty for the last two years given that he is currently overseas due to visa issues stemming from the COVID pandemic.

After contacting the Airbnb user offering up the house, who only went by the name Alice, Erica was told that her complaints would be forwarded to the “appropriate team.”

“Who the fuck broke into his house and rented it out on Airbnb?” she asked. “Who the fuck is Alice? Did you break into the house?”

The Daily Dot reached out to Erica for comment but did not hear back by press time.

Since being uploaded, the video has racked up nearly a quarter-million views. Users have flooded the comments with everything from shock and awe to advice for Erica and her father.

“I honestly would try to book it and get in contact with the lister,” one user suggested.

Incredibly, after contacting Airbnb, Erica received what appeared to be an automated email from the company calling for her to instead discuss the issue with the “tenant.” Erica also said she reached out to the police but was told that there wasn’t much she could do given that the home is owned by her dad and not her.

Erica even said that the HOA in her father’s neighborhood has issued complaints due to renters parking their vehicles outside other neighbors’ homes. The HOA also reportedly told Erica that they are essentially powerless in getting the listing removed from Airbnb.

@sillysloth66 Replying to @corabrei #greenscreen #airbnb #orangecounty #alisoviejo ♬ original sound – Erica

Erica has since been working with real estate lawyers and has discovered that the title of the home is “more complicated” than she originally thought.

The TikToker claims her father’s “missing wife,” who has supposedly stopped all contact with her family, is actually on the lease as well but that private investigators have been unable to find her.

And because her father and his wife share the house 50/50, the father alone can’t make major decisions without her written approval. Erica suspects, however, that her dad’s wife may have came out of hiding to rent out the home.

In a final update, Erica also revealed that her father’s so-called missing wife also sold another joint property illegally, potentially turning the situation into a larger problem.

“It’s kind of opened up a much bigger black hole than I originally anticipated,” Erica said. “I still have no idea where this is going honestly and what to do besides work with our lawyers right now.”

Airbnb did not respond to an inquiry from the Daily Dot prior to publication.

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*First Published: Feb 27, 2023, 1:23 pm CST