This wearable predicts when you have to poop

D free app

It’s called the D Free.

Now for an entirely different kind of push notification!

Not everyone is blessed with easy bathroom functionality. In an effort to help those suffering from incontinence or related medical problems, a new wearable gadget called the D Free attaches to your stomach to monitor the internal movements of your intestines and give you a handy countdown timer. (It counts down until when you need to poop.)

It looks like this:

Meiko Sadomin/YouTube

The device pairs with a smartphone app to track your bowel movements, and it learns your lifestyle and habits to become more accurate over time. When the gadget identifies the circumstances that might otherwise spell disaster for its users, they receive a 10-minute warning instead of a rude awakening.

Meiko Sadomin/YouTube

While it certainly seems silly on the surface (poop!), it’s sure to be a godsend for people having to deal with a number of medical conditions. The video below explains the particulars.

H/T RocketNews24 | Screengrab via Meiko Sadomin/YouTube

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