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Not too shabby, Apple.

Two years ago, the Daily Dot explored how much it costs to charge an Apple iPhone 6 per year. Even with the larger iPhone 6 plus, that price was just 52 cents for 12 months of charging.

It’s been revealed that even the most religious iPhone user is still paying less than a dollar to annually charge their phone. ZDNet published a piece on Saturday that delved into the cost for Adrian Kingsley-Hughes. The journalist is looking to cut down on his power bill in general, which the iPhone helps with through sheer design.

Kingsley-Hughes states he’s on the high end of usage with his iPhone 6 plus. Despite that, he used just 19.2 Wh on average to charge his device overnight. So, what’s he paying per year to keep his iPhone 6 going? 84 cents.

There you have it, iPhone lovers. It’s still pricier to grab a cup of a coffee in the morning than it is to make sure the smartphone holding your Starbucks rewards points continues to function. Even two years after our initial findings.


It costs less than $1 a year to charge your iPhone 6
Charging your iPhone 6 is cheaper than you think.
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