This sponge holder is surprisingly adorable


Photo via Ototo

This cheap accessory lets your sponge properly dry as it gets a good night’s rest.

As a society, we don’t give our sponges nearly enough love and respect for what they do. What, are you gonna break up old food from your pans by yourself? Are you going scrape off that leftover grease yourself? We didn’t think so. 

It’s the sponge that gets all that work done, and it’s high time someone showed the sponge a little love. Enter the Ototo sponge holder, a little bed for your sponge to rest between battles.

Called “Clean Dreams” this tiny bed features a slotted bottom so your sponge can properly drain. Your sponge’s dream bed will run you about $15 and can be ordered from Ototo Design. It even comes with two small attached pillows to ensure everyone who gazes upon this bed will get the joke.

Sure, this may not be the highest form of tech, but it is possibly the most adorable. Say goodnight to sweet dreams sponges; say hello to Clean Dreams.

H/T Design Boom

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