Turkish beach resort advertises for ‘Chief Instagram Officer’

Fancy making a living using Instagram in the sun? A Turkish beach resort is looking for a photographer to live for free at its luxury tropical hotel while documenting their time there by uploading sunny snaps to Instagram. Each photographer they hire will have one week to get their filtered photos in before their time at the resort comes to an end.

The Chief Instagram Offer (CIO), as the Hillside Beach Club in Kalemya bay, Turkey, is calling the position, will have plenty of inspiration: The resort calls itself “Heaven on Earth,” and with good reason. It boasts three beaches, three restaurants, a waterfront pool, four bars (including an app to order drinks with), as well as a spa.

So how do you apply to become CIO of “Heaven on Earth”? Cleverly, the resort is asking for people to submit their best beach snaps mentioning the @hillsidebeachclub Instagram account as well as the hashtag #jobatheavenonearth. At least this way everyone is going to find out about the opportunity. 

Still not sure whether the position is for you? Handily, the resort already has an Instagram profile filled with attractive Instagram snaps.

H/T ABC NewsPhoto via Dennis Jarvis/Flickr (CC BY-SA 2.0) | Remix by James Cook

Jack Flanagan

Jack Flanagan

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