This is what happens when a cat gets stuck in the bumper of your Tesla

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Screengrabs via S U/YouTube


A YouTuber who goes by the name S U woke up on Saturday, ambled out to the garage, and suddenly heard a meow. Which is weird, because S U doesn’t have a cat.

Ultimately, he discovered that a cat somehow found its way into the rear bumper of his Tesla and had no way to actually escape the vehicle. Watch as S U tries to figure out what to do next.

Good luck taking off your own Tesla bumper with your tools at home. Instead, S U drove to the Tesla service center where a mechanic dutifully rescued the kitty in semi-dramatic fashion.

Sweet video. Even if it’s not exactly like a firefighter rescuing a feline from a tree, the mechanic made a nice save—and didn’t even have to damage the car in the process.

H/T Elon Musk

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