Democrats are dreaming up their own sneakers in response to Trump's

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Democrats dream up AI-generated Hypebeast Biden sneaker to counter Trump’s sold-out kicks

They're definitely Dem-coded.


Tricia Crimmins


Posted on Feb 22, 2024   Updated on Feb 22, 2024, 1:58 pm CST

Former President Donald Trump unveiled a pair of sneakers called the Never Surrender High-Tops this week—and some Democrats are ready to sport President Joe Biden kicks in protest.

Political columnist @ettingermentum posted photos from inside a Democrat group on Facebook he’d just joined where he found a conceptual AI photo of a Biden sneaker.

“Jawdropping content being posted in this Dem Facebook group I joined,” @ettingermentum tweeted.

The sneakers are black with blue accents, and the presidential seal is on the shoe’s tongue. There are also bald eagles with red eyes and the words “Dark” and “Brandon.”

Trump’s sneakers are gold with red bottoms and the letter “T” on them. They went for $399 a pair and are already sold out.

Dark Brandon is a meme co-opted by the Biden administration, originally made by the left to mock him. It’s a spin on the pro-Trump mantra “Let’s go Brandon,” which all stems from a reporter misinterpreting chants of “fuck Joe Biden” to be “let’s go Brandon.”

Another version of the sneakers, with a red glow to match the look of the popular Dark Brandon meme also got shared.

That particular image appears to have first originated in a SomethingAwful forum two days ago.

“Sure it’s just AI, but still better looking than Drump’s clown shoes,” wrote the original poster.

Others have guessed what Biden sneakers would look like, too: Students for Trump, a youth group formed in 2016 in support of Trump that now has a large social media presence, posted an image of the “Biden shufflers.”

With “anti slip and fall technology,” riffing on Biden’s stumbles up the Air Force One steps, the sneakers are red with the Chinese flag printed on them.

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*First Published: Feb 22, 2024, 1:57 pm CST