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Here’s a better way to reuse your old Amazon boxes

‘Tis the season—for boxes to start to piling up in your apartment.


Christina Bonnington


‘Tis the season—for Amazon Prime boxes to start to piling up in your apartment. If your recycling container is full, or your cat has an entire suite of nap boxes to choose from, it may be time to do something else with all that cardboard. Give Back Box is a feel-good solution that will not only help you with your box problem, it also helps you get rid of unwanted stuff in your house and get it in the hands of those in need.  

Give Back Box is a service that aims to provide people with a simple, convenient way to donate household items to charity, while also addressing the issue of cardboard box waste. You can use a partner box (such as one from Amazon) or any old box you have lying around. Fill it with clothing or household items you no longer need, grab a prepaid shipping label from the Give Back Box website, and then you can mail your box to your nearest Goodwill free of charge.

Curiously, Give Back Box itself isn’t a charity, it describes itself as a “vendor that provides charitable organizations with an IT infrastructure.” Regardless, it sounds like a great option for dealing with holiday excess around the house during a time when you may be feeling excessively lazy. 

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