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Screengrab via artBoffin/Vimeo

This AI video of Bob Ross is an LSD trip into ‘The Joy of Painting’

Do yourself a favor—don’t press play.


Phillip Tracy


There is no telling what will happen when AI inevitably pushes itself into our day-to-day lives. If this nightmare-inducing video of Bob Ross is any indication, we’ll be in for one horrifying LSD trip.

Vimeo user artBoffin created Deeply Artificial Trees using image processing with AI to amplify patterns and match images to other images in a The Joy of Painting video. The result is a colorful mashup of random objects vibrating all over a deformed Bob Ross, whose head gets a beastly makeover. The artist’s clothes turn into what look like peacock-colored seals while his once-tranquil paintings reach the sickest corners of abstract.

The objects change so quickly it is nearly impossible for your brain to process the mesmerizing images. At one point in the video, Ross appears to be stroking a tarantula before it turns into dogs heads and eventually every zoo animal you could think of.

All of these nauseating images come complete with what sounds like Freddy Kruegger attempting ASMR for the first time.

RIP Bob Ross. Sorry about the 21st century.

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