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Watch a thousand robots perform a synchronized dance and crush a world record

It took 1,007 robots to set the robotic dancing world record.


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In our technologically advanced times, the idea of a dancing robot probably isn’t enough to make anyone sit up and take notice. We take the little things for granted in this age of wonders. Still, when humans and robots work together we can accomplish wondrous things. Together we can break the world record for “most robots dancing simultaneously.” It just took a smartphone and over 1,000 robots to achieve.

The feat took place during the Qingdao Beer Festival in Shandong, China earlier this August. Over 1,000 robots named QRC-2 shake-shake-shook their booties for a full minute to break the Guinness World Record. These 43.8 cm tall wonders of rhythm may not have had the best moves, but they had heart, and ultimately that’s all that matters in dance.

Of the 1,040 robots set up for the experiment 1,007 managed to complete the dance without falling over, allowing the Ever Win used robots to handily beat the original record of 540 dancing robots which was accomplished by another Chinese robotics corporation, Ubtech.

Given we have now officially entered the robotics dance-off arms race, we hope future submissions are required to pull off slightly more complicated moves, or, at least at a minimum, be able to do “the robot.” You can enjoy a view of the record-breaking dance below.

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