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Anonymous person Thousands gather around the world for Anonymous's Million Mask March
Masked protesters gathered for a variety of reasons.
Men in Anonymous Masks Why Anonymous celebrates Guy Fawkes Day
It all has to do with a failed plot to bomb the British Parliament.
laptop screen revealing to the viewer that a politician is wearing a KKK mask What is Anonymous's #OpKKK?
A thousand racists may be about to get doxed.
donald trump speaking to the viewer Anonymous hacktivists deface Donald Trump's website with a tribute to Jon Stewart
The hackers thanked Stewart for a 'steadfast dedication to the irony and power of Truth.'
Canadian flag leaking binary data Anonymous claims cyberattack on Canadian government
Anonymous says it's protesting a new anti-terrorism law.
Anonymous dude in a Guy Fawkes mask and hoodie Anonymous targets McKinney police over pool-party video
The officer, who has been suspended, is under investigation.