Help Wanted No Bullshit

The game-controller company, infamous for a customer-service rep’s email flame war, has new problems online.

N-Control can’t catch a break from the Internet.

You may remember the game controller company from its legendary public relations disaster in December of last year.

Now the company has become the subject of a Craigslist hoax: a fake job listing which has already begun proliferating around the Internet as unverified fact.

It wasn’t posted by the company, a representative told the Daily Dot.

“Love Gaming and Selling Great New Products? Look No Further” reads a phony recruitment ad posted to the New York and Los Angeles Craigslist earlier today.

The ad continues: “We’re looking for talented sales people who love video games and are ready to earn generous commissions each month.”

The joke? N-Control’s PR disaster came thanks to the destructive ineptitude of its former marketing manager, Paul Christoforo. Christoforo’s tactless  and rude emails to customers made their way to gaming site Penny Arcade in December, and soon he was trading digital punches with pretty much the entire gaming Internet. And losing, terribly.

Christoforo, it turns out, was a contractor, hired on the cheap to do PR and customer service for the relatively small company. So yes, it sure would be funny if N-Control were at it again, hiring strangers of dubious qualifications from Craigslist.

Except the letter is a hoax, according to N-Control’s current PR chief Moisés Chiullan.

“Consider it categorically denied,” Chiullan told the Daily Dot in an email. “I had Criagslist take it down.”

This PR disaster of epic proportions had been nipped in the bud, it appears. Sorry, Internet.

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