If you can't get enough of Etsy,  there is a new tool that makes scrolling through the site even easier.

Combine the endless scrollbar of Pinterest and with Etsy’s handmade market to get one addictive, simple new tool: Scrollsy.

It’s the brainchild of Jonathan Bouman, the Netherlands-based developer who apparently specializes in crafting Internet crack. He’s also behind Scrolldit, the tool that makes Reddit endless— and infinitely more irresistible.

Yesterday, Bouman shared his new creation with the Etsy forums and with Etsy’s official Twitter account. Before that, the company (aside from their API lead for security issues) hadn’t known about the project.

“It was a total surprise for them. I didn't collaborate with them,” Bouman told the Daily Dot in an email.

Etsy headquarters seemed to be pleasantly surprised.

@JonathanBouman Neat! Just saw it listed in our App gallery too!” @Etsy wrote to Bouman after he tipped them off.

“Scrollsy is a fun way to browse Etsy,” added Justin Kerr Sheckler, Etsy's Developer API Lead. The tool was developed using Etsy's API. “We're continually amazed by the innovative tools that our developer community creates.”

In the forums, Bouman let Etsians know about Scrollsy’s four search styles: users can search by color, shop, treasury—or use a general search. He also said the tool works best on Google Chrome.

“omgsh.. i'm going to go BROKE with this site,” commented Etsy seller Shannon.

Many sellers in the Etsy forums also said that the tool reminded them of Pinterest, with its visual interface and scrolling functionality. However, Bouman told us that Pinterest was not at all involved in the project.

Now that Etsy and Pinterest are more integrated than ever, will Scrollsy be redundant? Not according to Etsians, who can always use another handy shopping tool. Bouman said that as of publication time,  there were a few hundred active users on the service.

“[There’s been] a lot of positive feedback on twitter,” he said. 

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