How Etsy created a loophole to join the invite-only Pinterest. 

A partnership between Etsy and Pinterest would be a match made in handiwork heaven. One platform is about making a wish list of pretty, crafty projects; the other is about actually buying them.

Etsy has taken the first step by installing a “Pin It” button on Etsy listings pages. Now, shoppers can add Etsy products to their pinboards with the click of a button.

An announcement on the Etsy official blog informed users of the feature:

When you pin listings with the Pin It button, the required pin description field is prefilled with the item title and price. You can also add a note about why you like the item!

While you can already share Etsy listings with Twitter, Facebook, and email, Pinterest is an unusual fourth choice. Unlike the other three methods of sharing, Pinterest is still in beta and therefore invitation only.

To circumvent this, Pinterest has arranged a mass invitation page for Etsians. In fact, this invitation works for anybody who clicks on the link; if you’re not on Pinterest yet, this is your in. (Neither Pinterest nor Etsy responded to the Daily Dot’s request for comment by publication time.)

Judging by the reactions of Etsy forum dwellers, there was a definite desire for this feature. Several commented that when they tried to sign up for Pinterest, the site was down, leading them to speculate that Etsy crashed the site.

“They’re going to need bigger servers,” wrote Brandi Beatley.

StrawberryLuna, wrote that she was glad this feature would ensure that Etsy sellers always get proper credit for their images. “I am *fanatical* about ALWAYS giving credits for anything that I pin. I rarely pin things that I cannot properly attribute,” she said.

Others were thrilled to be able to have an entry point to the still-exclusive Pinterest, where prospective users sometimes wait months to join.

“Thank you – I have been waiting for a Pinterest invite for months!” exclaimed Aleta Ford Baker.

Renee Marie said she was less excited about the announcement than she was about possible new features to follow this one.

“didja all notice the announcement has a StumbleUpon button to share that announcement,” she asked. “Does this mean they are ALSO going to link StumbleUpon to etsy soon?” 

Photo by doble.d

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