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Rage Against the Machine actually predicted Trump’s presidency in 2000

Watch closely.


Austin Powell


The Simpsons predicted Donald Trump’s presidency 16 years ago as a “warning” to America, but Rage Against the Machine actually beat the show to the punch. 

If you watch the band’s video for “Sleep Now in the Fire” closely, you’ll see a man holding up a sign that reads “Donald Trump for President 2000.”

Did you catch it? Scroll back to the 1:04 mark. 

Rage Against the Machine

Michael Moore famously directed the music video in January 2000, three months before the Simpsons episode aired. It was a guerrilla film shoot, staged on the steps of Federal Hall in downtown Manhattan, a fitting backdrop for a protest song that explicitly attacks American greed. 

“Michael basically gave us one directorial instruction, ‘No matter what happens, don’t stop playing,’” guitarist Tom Morello recalled in the book, 33 Revolutions Per Minute.

An altercation ensued when the band and crew attempted to walk into the New York Stock Exchange, which made for some compelling footage.

Moore has continued to crusade against Trump. After the election, he laid out a five-point to-do list for Democrats to reclaim their party and American politics. 

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